Body Therapies

Vichy Shower

Aromatherapy Scrub

A combination of your favorite aromatherapy, sea salt, and body butter lift away dry skin. Warm water cascades over your body to remove the salt and body butter is applied to sooth and protect you.

Brown Sugar Scrub

Skin is nourished and soft to the touch after the age old therapy of scrubbing the skin with sugar. A perfect blend of sugar and plant oils provide a stimulating body treatment experience. The cascading water rinse leaves your skin baby soft and perfectly conditioned.

Buff and Bronze

Need that extra bronzed look for a special occasion or your tropical vacation? A body scrub and buff followed by a bronzing lotion application will create the tanned look you desire.

Champagne and Roses

Enjoy a relaxing hydrating massage complete with champagne body scrub and body butter. Experience is complete with rose petals. This is a perfect gift with an upgrade to include a gift basket.

Coconut Scrub and Buff

You will feel like you are in the tropics when you experience this blend of coconut oil and cream. The skin is exfoliated and oiled along with cascading water falls that enhance your restful state.

Signature Vichy Experience

Our 8 shower heads that mimic a warm, vibrant waterfall cascading over your body leaves you feeling refreshed. A revitalizing massage completes the experience and truly is a "must have" experience.

Body Wrap Therapies

Anti-Cellulite Body Care Treatment

A powerful body wrap consisting of massage and application of lotion to lessen the appearance of cellulite and improve skin texture.

Dead Sea Facial and Body Mud Wrap

The Dead Sea Facial Mud will reduce the size of pores, draw out impurities and exfoliate the skin. The Dead Sea Body Mud has a soothing effect and the hydrotherapy of the Vichy Shower makes this an ideal full body treatment that ensures beautiful results.

Massage Therapies

Couples Massage

A massage for two and it's not just for couples. Moms and daughters also like massages at the same time and in the same room. It's fine to talk to each other through the massage or be quiet. It's really up to you. The massage can be Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone.

Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage is a hearty and refreshing service that relieves areas of tension or pain. It is calculated, firm pressure that helps break down knots to improve muscle mobility.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage uses soothing oils and hot stones to relax muscles and allow for a deeper and more intense all-over massage. It is a natural therapy where warmed stones are positioned on parts of the body to maximize therapeutic benefits.

Massage Upgrade

Upgrade any massage to include aromatherapy enhancement or application of Hot Stones.

Sports Massage

Specifically tailored massage for pre/post event or during regular training. It creates excellent results in reducing muscle stress, alleviating inflammation and reducing possible injury. Massage is a combination of muscle work, mobility, range of motion and stretching related to your specific sport or activity. Excellent massage to promote healing of over used muscles.

Swedish Massage

This massage is designed for relaxation. Long, smooth strokes and light pressure ease tired muscles.

U Med Spa Signature Massage

Our Signature Massage is the ultimate massage experience. A wonderful combination of smooth flowing massage techniques will ensure complete relaxation from head to toes.